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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Hi all,

    I'm using Elastix for my company for some time now, together with Aastra 57i SIP phones. Works like a charm! But i'm struggling with a small problem for some time now.

    I have configured 3 ring groups in my Elastix with several extensions. Some of this extensions have a BLF key on my phones, this is working fine! But sometimes when its busy people have to answer calls from another ring group, normally they do this by pressing the BLF key for an extension in the other ring group, this also works fine!

    But now the problem, when its busy, it happens a lot that all the extensions assigned to the other call group are busy and there is no easy way to answer a call from that group. I know it is not possible to assign a BLF key to a ring group, I tried to create a "dummy" extension in every call group for this purpose, but a SIP channel has to be active/signed in, a Local channel can only forward to something else, and I do not know another solution.

    Does somebody know a solution or has some tips to get something like this working?

    Thanks in advance.

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