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    Hi elastix community

    I have read a lot of times: "resolve the ip address" How can I actually do that? I have a problem with a remote sip extension, I have the registration of the remote extension but there is no audio. On the CLI, I do a rtp debug and I see that my server is sending the rtp packets to a "local IP" that does not exist in my LAN. It is the local IP of the remote sip extension, so I conclude there is a NAT issue or the external IP is not been resolved, how can I actually do that?, could it be the ip address of the LAN where it is the remote extension that is not being resolved?

    I have read elastix without tears, and done everything by the book, but it is not working. In previous installations, this was a resolved issue, but it appear again.

    What is new in this 1.6-12 elastix installation, is that I installed a DNSMASQ patch about a week ago, to avoid losing the voip server when internet is down (it works fine) and since that, the external sip extension has no audio.

    I would like your advice


    David Medina

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