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Discussion in 'General' started by vpeppers, Oct 10, 2010.

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    I have been unable to install the NIC on my new box, because the driver will not install. The (great) people at CentOS helped me track down the problem. It seems that the build of CentOS that Elastix is built on is what they call a respin, and has modified files. They suggest that I try to replace the OS with standard CentOS. Then the driver should work. If not, they will then be able to help me get it working.

    Is it possible to replace the CentOS with the standard build? That which my Elastix has is not the latest and greatest version anyway. What do I have to do to replace it? Is there an Elastix build that I can install on top of an existing CentOS installation?

    I have to fix this problem, or I will be forced to abandon Elastix, and try another flavor of Asterisk.
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    Oct 24, 2008
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    Unfortunately the traditionally incomplete (and IMHO incomplete should be read as sloppy, come on Elastix guys, get your syslinux kernel up to date, PLEASE!! ) Elastix "respin" of the Centos kernel will probably preclude you from doing that, sorry, please post this as a bug in the bug-tracker link below.
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    Re: Re:Replace OS with standard CentOS

    Hi, you can install Centos first, like Centos 5.3 or 5.4, after that you can install Elastix 1.6 if you want to.

    those are the instructions, those are for elastix 1.5 but you can use it with elastix 1.6 it have beeen tested with both.

    mkdir /mnt/elastix-cd
    mount -o loop /Elastix-1.5.2-stable-i386-bin-31mar2009.iso /mnt/elastix-cd

    ls /mnt/elastix-cd/Elastix/kernel-2.*
    rpm -ivh --oldpackage /mnt/elastix-cd/Elastix/kernel-2.6.18-92.1.22.el5.i686.rpm

    Create a file elastix-cd.repo in /etc/yum.repos.d :

    # vi /etc/yum.repos.d/elastix-cd.repo
    Now paste the follow without a space before each line in:

    name=Elastix RPM Repository for CentOS CD

    Install elastix using yum
    It is very important that you’re in the “/mnt/elastix-cd/Elastix” folder before you start the installation.

    cd /mnt/elastix-cd/Elastix
    yum -y --nogpgcheck install asterisk* elastix-* freeze fxload kernel-module-rhino* libmfcr2 lzop perl-HTML-TokeParser-Simple perl-WWW-Mechanize
    cd /
    yum -y update

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