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    Feb 26, 2009
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    Hi all

    I had a requirement to stop an admin user messing with user permissions etc but give them access to all monitor files, as you all know these check boxes are prefilled and thus you cannot change the option.

    If you create another user as you normally would without the permissions to edit users that user wont be able to view and playback call recording for any extension other than the one assigned to them. We needed this option (if you can add this for any user then somebody let me know)

    anyway my work around is to create a user with full admin rights for changing settings and user rights etc (the only thing you cant do with that account it view and play monitored files for all extensions), then edit the /var/www/html/modules/group_permission/index.php

    with the following:

    change line :

    84 $isAdministrator = true;

    change the true to false

    change lines :

    149 if(($resource[1] == 'usermgr' ||
    150 $resource[1] == 'grouplist' ||
    151 $resource[1] == 'userlist' ||
    152 $resource[1] == 'group_permission'

    change the [1] to [0] to enable the option to disable

    save and refresh.......

    then you can apply those new restrictive permissions to administrator accounts, this allows you to give somebody access to all monitor files but not user settings.

    It worked for us so let me know if you find this useful or if you have a different way to give a user access to monitoring files from all extensions.

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