Redirect calls from sip calls

Discussion in 'General' started by adopilot, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Oct 2, 2009
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    Here what I want to do this time:

    I got my own Elastix box set up an running
    I got other public sip account at other location outside my local network. This account is refereed by network it use.
    And I can't move it to my Elastix box.

    How I can connect my Elastix box whit that account
    ,I want to use my public account from Elastix box.

    An idea is following:
    Elastix users dial number to public network, Elastix box send that call to public account (or to location at where is installed Public SIP ) after that call goes to public network as they came form location of Public SIP accaunt.

    This is something like reverse forwarding calls, For incoming calls I simple forward all calls to elastix box and it
    works just fine, But I do not know Can I forward calls to public network

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