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    Every month our Redfone started hanging our outgoing calls. Then, after a few months, our Redfone started hanging every week and after a couple of weeks, our redphone started hangina every day. Every time the redfone stopped working, the issue was easy to fix by restarting the service, but then again, this is not suppoust to happen, in fact, this is the main reason why someone gets a redfone. I have sent out our redfone to be repaired but our local provider has tested the unit indicating that it works.

    We have been in contact with redfone, and tested the unit with their changes for a couple or weeks. However, our operation is mission critical and we cannot afford to see how many times the unit has to fail to get a replacement. If anyone has a similar feedback or problem, please write back to me to see if we can resolve this issue.


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