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    Hello Folks

    I am not sure this is correct place to put this question or not.
    Please bear me if i am wrong.

    May be i am weakest person in mathamatics but i want to know how you guys are doing.
    On top of that i don't want to calcuate each and every prefix manually, I want to set some formulla which apply to the calculations and there we go.

    1.How to calculate the sales rate.
    It is very easy to say that you can calculate as following.
    Buy Rate + Percentate of profit = Sale Rate

    Actual Scenario is like this.

    1. Buy Rate
    2. Fixed Expenses ( such as printing expense of card and Retailer commission)
    3. Did Charges which is per minute

    After that you calculate sales Rates, Here you have to consider also you give the best time(callling duration) to user to enjoy the card.

    If anybody who is doing calling card business, could you please help me out here. If i am wrong in a complete scenario please send me your thoughts so then i can correct my self.


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