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    Im doing a test with call center in mi house and I use a analogue line,mi call center works fine but:

    - Mi line doesnt have the Caller Id's service, then, must be show a Active Call in my agent console for In Calls?

    - This problem is so grave for me, its a problem produced by the queues, I called from my mobile to the line connected to the call center, the call answered or not (that is, the call is put on the queue with the music on hold) I hangup from my mobile and the zap channel doesnt detect the hangup and the channel zap stay busy. I test with a normal call, that is, i configured my inbound routes to a grandstream configured, I called from my mobile, the call is ansewered, I hangup from my mobile and the asterisk detect the hangup fine and the channel zap is available;
    What could be happening?

    Thanks a lot

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