Problems with incoming calls

Discussion in 'General' started by reynolwi, May 28, 2008.

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    May 5, 2008
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    Ok i have setup voicepulse on the server and i used their freepbx module that i installed and it configured everything. I have 2 test extensions, 1 is a 3 digit extension, and the other is a 5 digit extension. I also have 2 test queues setup as well. Im trying to use the IVR and can not get the system to transfer the call to the extensions.

    When i call in all i hear is silence. I can go into the panel and see that my call was answered but im not hearing my IVR message. If i try and enter an extension directly it disconnects me, and if i choose the option that fowards to an extension it disconnects me. It will send the call into the queue and i can hear music then and it tells me what position im in but it never rings a phone. It also never sends it to voicemail at all. It just hangs up on me. Im using softphones right now until my Grandstream IP phones arrive.

    Why is this happening? Is there something not correct with the extensions.conf file or something. I dont think anything modified that. I was going to try and use Broadvoice but i could never figure out what i needed to modify so i canceled them and went with voicepulse.

    I also do not know why i cannot hear my system recording i have set on the IVR. i can play it from the Web GUI and hear it play but it doesnt play over the phone.

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