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    Jan 8, 2008
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    Hi, I have created a custom applicaction in the IVR, and it should do the following:
    When it detects a ring on the incoming trunk(FXO ports), it should offhook, play in background a welcome message, when I dial certain digits, it should play another message, send a flash to the trunk, receive a second dial tone and then send certain DTMF digits. If after a few seconds their is no answer, it should send another flash and go to the first call do something else or hangup the channel.
    To make outbound calls through the trunks it works fine.

    I made this to work in asterisk 1.2.9, but it is not working in elastix. I have done everything by the elastix instructions, but there is something missing or not correctly understood on my side (dialplan, ivr creation).

    I would appreciate some help


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