Problem with IVR & uploading ivr recording SOLVED

Discussion in 'General' started by telecomtechnician, May 31, 2008.

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    Jan 8, 2008
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    Hi Elastix community

    The two issues I posted in the past days were solved. Loading a custom recording did not work using the Add Recording feature, it actually worked using the Built-in Recordings. I had to enter to the command line console of the elastix server and copy the custom sound file in the appropiate directory. I have to mention that the entire sounds directory was replaced with another one with some spanish default messages (custom made). And after that I decide to load the IVR custom message that not work in the normal way I previously mentioned.

    Something important is that there are slight bugs in certain functions of the elastix web interfase, but with a little of imagination, acknowledge and common sense,we can solve this an almost any other issue.

    Congratulations to the makers of this excellent application and everybody that with their motivation, is helping to put elastix in a rock solid position.

    Once again thank you all

    I would appreciate your comments

    David Medina (telecomtechnician)

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