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    Apr 28, 2009
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    I would just like to raise the following issues that the inbound agents have
    escalated to me:

    1. The line being cut and "transfer prompt" within the duration of a call. The
    agents are complaining that they have to press the plunger to check if the
    customer is still on the line.
    2. Multiple lines being cut off simultaneously. This happens frequently,
    of 3-5 lines at a time which results in the inbound agent doing an outbound
    to contact the person they are having the conversation with.
    3. Phone not ringing. The agent would pick up the phone to make an outbound
    and is often surprised that there is someone on the other line even if the
    hasn't rung or lighted.

    Hope we can address these issues the soonest. Thanks and good day.

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