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    One of my Elastix servers has a T1/PRI going through an OpenVox PRI card. We have been using this for almost 2 years with no problems.

    My T1/PRI come with 20 DID's for example 415-555-1020 through 415-555-1039. The other day I decided that I need to have some of these DID's ring through directly to individual extensions.

    So, I created an inbound route using the first DID, 4155551020, and sent it to extension 2051. Seems simple, should work... Unfortunately no such luck. So, I took Dicko's advise and did the RTFM thing which only told me what I already knew and Google suggested many possible solutions none of which solved my problem.

    Then, after two days of scratching my head I remembered that my T1/PRI provider sends me ONLY 4 digits of the DID, in the case of the first DID 4155551020 I only get 1020 NOT 4155551020.

    So, I created a new inbound route using 1020 as the DID and sent it to extension 2051. Low and behold it works!

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