Post install in ks.cfg has lots of possibilities!!


May 12, 2010
I wanted to discover a way to translate Elastix's console and keyboard to your own language, and I discovered it a couple of days ago.

If you open the iso file with an iso-manager program (PowerISO, UltraISO, etc.), you can edit the file ks.cfg in the root of the iso and change the system language and keyboard by default!!!
At least it works for Spanish. It even selects by default Spain/Madrid timezone!!!
So now all my new Elastix installs will default to Spanish!

This is what you need to modify in the ks.cfg:
#System language		#change this to your locale. You can see available locales with    ls  /usr/lib/locale/
lang es_ES

#Language modules to install
langsupport es_ES		#change this to your locale. You can see available locales with    ls  /usr/lib/locale/
#Post Install
system-config-keyboard es			#add this for your keyboard selection
After saving changes to the modified iso, burn it and you are ready to go.
But best of all, you can also add your custom post install scripts to your ks.cfg, at the end, just before the "eject" command.
You only have to start the services you might need to install things.
For example, you'll need to start mysql service before importing any mysql database, and you'll have to start network before using yum or the internet.
This is great. You can install all your needed programs using the #Post install section and they will be installed before the first reboot, you'll just have to configure them after the installation (or you can even do it from the script, if you wish to).
This opens a great possibility to all users and to Elastix distribution. It can improve a lot, and without increasing the used space in the CD.
It would be nice if people post here their tested scripts to completely install programs without user interaction.
And we could even figure out a way to ask the user which programs are available to install, and even test the internet connection. during the installation process, just before or after selecting the root password.
I have some scripts that already work fine.
You can see some of them in this modified ks.cfg file:

I would like some help from elastix developers in order to make the modifications in the installation process, if possible.

Y podemos hablar en español, si quereis. :)

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