Polycom ip430 wont register,vm answers then hangs


Jul 29, 2010
So..I think I have perhaps multiple things going on here and I'm hoping someone can help me get it straightend out.

Problem: Polycom IP430 phone will not (no longer) register. It did at one time and the natural question is
what changed. Answer: Nothing that I know of. It just stopped working.

My first endeavor was that I checked the router and as far
as I can see there's nothing blocking anything. To be sure though...
I set the elastix box to be in the DMZ. I DO NOT INTEND TO LEAVE IT THAT WAY but I figured while trouble
shooting the problems I'm about to describe it would be best to eliminnate at least this variable. I will
change it once I get things working again. So as far as I know - all ports are accessible.

Updated phone with latest bootrom and sip. Elasix 1.6.12. Again to simplify things.
I have one phone and the elasix machine on the same router. Phone gets it's ip via
dhcp from the router ( and server is a static local address ( I'm able to
access the elastix web user interface without a problem both locally and remotely via the internet. At one time
I had this phone successfully connected to elastix over the internet so I know at least at one time the elastix configuration
was working. In fiddling with it once it stopped registering however, I may have accidently changed something but it certainly wasn't intentional. After
reviewing what I believe should be there according to Elastix W/o Tears - all looks ok.

To eliminate as many variables as possible I moved the phone to the same router & network as the elasix box.

I have 2 extensions programmed on the one phone. x4001 and x5001.
The phone shows neither line is registered. The phone can make a call to another extension however it goes
right to voicemail no matter which way I try to call. 4001 calling 5001 and 5001 calling 4001.
In both cases go right to voicemail.

When I call from an outside line to my 1 inbound route - elastix answers the programmed extension - it plays my
voicemail greeting and then hangs up afer about 3 seconds. As per Elastix w/o Tears - I checked the general settings
and it's set to 15 however when I dial it goes right to vm plays 3 secs of my greeting and then hands up.
Again - at one point I could call into elastix from an
outside line and the regisered extension would ring and if I didn' pick up it went to voicemail just like it should.

I have the phone accessing it's configuration via an ftp server on the elastix box. I checked the .cfg file
on the server and it seems to be updating the MACADDR.cfg file with any changes made via either the web gui or
directly on the phone. The phone is able to be accessed via endpoint configuration with "configured w/out incident".

The phone config is:

Outbound Proxy
Port 5060
Transport UDPonly

Server 1
Port 5060
Transport UDPonly
Expires null
Register 1
Retry Timeout 0
Retry Maximum Count 0
Line Seize Timeout 30

Server 2 all empty

Local Settings
Local SIP Port null
Calls Per Line Key 2
New SDP Type Disabled
Live Communication Server Disabled
Non Standard Line Seize Enabled
Digitmap [2-9]11|0T|011xxx.T|[0-1][2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxT
Digitmap Timeout 3|3|3|3|3|3
Remove End-Of-dial Marker Enabled
Digitmap Impossible Match 0

Line 1
Identification 5001
Display Name 5001
Authentication User ID 5001
Authentication Password **** (I've reset it many times to endure it's the correct password)
Label 5001
Type Private
Third Party Name 5001
Number Of Line Keys 1
Calls Per Line 2

Server 1
Port 5060
Transport UDPonly
Expires null
Register yes
Retry Timeout 10
Retry Maximum Count 5
Line Seize Timeout null

Server 2 All Empty

Call Diversion
Disabled On Shared Yes
Diversion Contact Null
On Specific Caller Disabled
Forward All Disabled
On Busy Disabled
Busy Contact Null
No Answer Disabled
No Answer Timeout 55
No Answer Contact
On Do-Not-Disturb Disabled
Do-Not-Disturb Contact Null
Message Center
Subscriber Null
Callback Mode Registration
Callback Contact Null

FOr line 2 everything the same except instead of ext 5001 it has 4001. The password is the same which I double checked.

So...where should I go to start troubleshooting this.

Thanks for your help.

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