Please I would like some help on FAXING

May 12, 2010
Dear sirs.
I'm using your distro some time ago and like it a lot!
One of the main reasons why I chose it it was because it integrates Hylafax.
But the point is that I have NEVER been able to make it work. I asked for help in one of the first posts in this forum, but nobody answered.
Somewhere here I have read that a X100P clone card can be used with hylafax.
Could you please make a short step by step guide on how to configure hylafax on Elastix (with my X100P clone would be nice, but I can connect a modem too).
Do I hace to run faxsetup, faxadduser, faxaddmodem, how can I detect wich port does the X100p use??
I have asked you too in some posts to integrate avantfax, how are you doing on this?
This would be nice. You can manage your faxes and fax users through the same web interface in Elastix.
I told you last week, did you can have a look here?
They have very nice features: graphical installer, latest asterisk 1.4 compiled from source at installation, AvantFAX integration, AsteriskGUI?.
I'm quite disappointed because you keep your 0.7.3 version with the /etc/yum.repo.d/elastix.repo and nobody has fixed it in more than a month.
It is not very nice for a newcomer to download your latest version and being unable to use yum.

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