Phones Won't Re-Register Until DHCP Bindings Are Cleared

Sep 5, 2018
I am experiencing an issue where every few months the Polycom phones will unregister. Rebooting resolves the issue for half of the phones, but the other half remain unregistered. Moving the phones to a port where another phone previously registered does not work. The phones are confirmed to get an IP address each time they reboot, but the phone icon still is hollowed out and incoming calls are received nor can outgoing calls be made. I can ping the IPs of the non-working phones successfully. The only way to re-register the other half is to either clear the DHCP bindings or to statically assign a different IP address. We are using Elastix as our PBX.

The phones that we have on-site are IP 501s and the Soundstation 6000s. The phones get their DHCP from our DHCP server administered via Cisco.

The phones should all be on the firmware

I can still access the HTTP interface of the unregistered phones by entering in the IP address the phone has been assigned.

In Elastix, I show the phones as "unspecified" for the unregistered phones when I type in "sip show peers" into the Elastix cli.

I am trying to figure out why I can access the phone on the HTTP interface and yet the phone is not registered as well as why the DHCP bindings need to be cleared for the phones to be able to re-register again.

Since the phones are receiving an IP address and are accessible through the web GUI, I am wondering if there might be some issue that others are having with Elastix.

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