PBX to PBX Trunking

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    Feb 15, 2009
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    Hi All

    I am looking at a bit of a project..

    Basically, i am going to have 2 locations in different countries. each country is 100% local calling

    Lets just for the purpose of keeping it simple call them
    CountryA with area code of 123
    CountryB with area code of 456

    each PBX will have a 2 PORT FXO card

    If CountryA wants to call a number on the 456 Area code, I want it to go VIA VOIP to CountryB PBX and dial out.

    If CountryB wants to call a number on the 123 Area Code, I want it to go VIA VOIP to CountryA PBX and dial out

    Also, I want to have it that if a someone in CountryB dials the CountryB PBX they have the ability to access an Extension on countryA's PBX

    We will have staff in both locations that will need to be able to dial one anothers extensions

    Can someone point me into the right direction to get the needed information to make this happen properly..

    This is the entire point of VOIP servers so I'm sure its possible and easy enough, its just a little unknown ground for me. I will do trial and error but figured to save a little time and get the right context down, its best to just ask.

    Thanks again

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