Park Calls on Elastix via Soft Key on SPA962/942

Discussion in 'General' started by waricka, Oct 7, 2009.

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    Hi All,

    I am running an Elastix(asterisk) server with SPA942/SPA962 phones (6.1.5). I am using the Call Park/Unpark feature on the elastix box. This all seems fine but unfortunately I have no Park or Unpark soft key on either set. I have modified the "Call Park" and "Call Unpark" "Vertical Service Activation Codes" to match what is required by Elastix(##70 to park a call) but I cannot see the soft keys.

    All I want the softkey to do is send the activation codes that I have modified when the softkey is pressed. I also have the Call Park service enabled. Blindxfr is present during the call and it works fine (I modified the activation code to ##) and I can park the call that way (Blindxfr to 70) but its cumbersome.

    Even if I leave the activation codes as default there is still no soft key. I could change the activation code to "sugar plum fairy" but its no good if I cant access this via a soft key. I dont want to waste a line key on parking a call(via fnc=sd).

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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