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    Here my setup: I have a TDM410P FXO connected to a POTS line. I currently have a fax machine set up to a SPA3000 FXS port but thats not working so great. I have all kinds of connection issues when sending faxes and have tried all of the different options in the SPA with no luck.

    I tried using a splitter on the POTS line and having it go direct to the fax AND to the TDM but then I realized that the TDM doesn't detect a dial tone before dialing out so it just grabs the line even if its in use by the fax already.

    I want to avoid having to have a dedicated fax line since we don't do all that much faxing.

    Do you suppose adding a FXS card to my TDM410p would have better results than the FXS on the SPA3000 for faxing?

    Can you think of any other options I may have?

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    Using the search Function in the top right hand corner of the forum will yield what you needed
    Forget about trying to use faxing with an SPA 3000 as you have found you will get lots of trouble.

    You could go with the FXS option ,but if you don't do may faxes it won't be worth the effort

    Setup the faxing in elastix and put your fax machine into storage
    Elastix without Tears is a good place to start ,the PDF has all the information you will need

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