operator or voicemail options before voicemail.

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    Hi everyone,

    I need help for run the following scenario: A person calls an extension from outside to my pbx. After 15 seconds (or more according to the configuration of the machine); the call is logically derived to the voicemail of that extension, if it's enabled. I need the caller can made a choice whether to leave a message or speak to the operator instead of. It should be done during the process of leaving the message. I know you may dial 0 to reach the operator, but this function need to be available before going to voicemail. I''ve tryng playing a file with FollowMe after the primary extension doesn´t answer, but I need it happen before going to voicemail. Any suggestions? have i to write a macro or a context? Or both? because if it is a macro, I should set the context from which I will call it. I'm stuck at this point. Thanks in advance for the help.

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