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    Jun 18, 2009
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    Hi Rafa,

    I want to create this template, I just can't believe that nobody haven't do it yet. I think Elastix is loosing a lot of potential new users because of this.

    I will be using Proxmox VE to create the OpenVZ container and later the final template... before I start I have a few questions for you:

    - What base template should I use? CentOS? What version? 32 or 64? Do you have installation packages/repos for Debian/Ubuntu? Using Debian/Ubuntu we could be able to publish the template inside Proxmox Appliances Repository (

    - In general topics, what are the installation steps? (I already download ElastiXCorE-1.2.1-12sep2008.iso as you suggest).

    - Should I follow this: ... om_centos5
    or this? ... 1&id=15425

    - Do I need to install a new kernel or any kernel dependencies? (I don't know if OpenVZ can support this)

    - Do I need to compile zaptel or dahdi? Why? Even to make use only of VoIP trunks? (what about ztdummy for meeetme?)

    These are some of my concerns for now.

    But with your help we should be able to accomplish this.


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