OpenVox Released Industry 1st Mini PCI Analog Card

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    The Industry First Mini PCI Analog Card Is Released By OpenVox!
    2008-03-21 13:15

    Shenzhen,China OpenVox, the largest asterisk telephony hardware manufacturer in China, is now proud to announce that their new product A400M 4-port mini PCI analog card is released to all the open source community users. The OpenVox A400M is the FIRST mini PCI analog card in asterisk industry!

    What is Mini PCI? Mini PCI is a standard for a computer bus for attaching peripheral devices to a computer motherboard and is an adaptation of the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus. It was designed for laptops and other small-footprint computer systems.

    There are three card form factors: Type I, Type II, and Type III cards. The card connector used for each type include: Type I and II use a 100-pin stacking connector, while Type III uses a 124-pin edge connector, i.e. the connector for Types I and II differs from that for Type III, where the connector is on the edge of a card, like with a SO-DIMM. The additional 24 pins provide the extra signals required to route I/O back through the system connector (audio, AC-Link, LAN, phone-line interface).

    What is A400M? A400M is a modular analog telephony interface product. It supports mini PCI with 124 pins which belongs to the Type III card. A400M must be used with FXO-100 or FXS-100 together to build up a workable system.

    Why A400M? What

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