OpenVox 110E, PRI, Elastix1.6 64Bit, Dahdi

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    Ok Got this to work very very easily, did not have an issue at all just re-installed 1.6 64 bit, set up the g0 zaptel/dahdi compatible trunk, set outbound routes to g0, created an inbound route for testing, and an extension of course etc on that stuff. I actually did not even need the command line for this to work right. I had a 10 channel PRI, 9b, 1d. I had the card in there since the clean install, ran hardware detection from the gui, refreshed once done all channels were green. I left /etc/dahdi/system.conf alone this time around. Just went to dahdi-channels.conf and changed the line channel => 1-23 to channel => 1-9, saved it and rebooted the system and once everything came back up, from command line I ran lsdahdi and it showed my channels just fine with the oslec echo cancel ready. Performed a test call in and out successfully. Thank God. Very pleased that this worked so easy the first time.

    What gave me the idea to leave system.conf alone and only change the channels in dahdi-channels.conf was I looked back at a few 1.3 installs I did using Zapata and realized that zapata.conf had channels 1-23 in there every time untouched and the only place I had changed it was zapata-channels.conf to get it to work correctly. So basically I emulated this with dahdi and it worked perfect.

    I was very stumped on dahdi for a while and now am a lot more confident to move on with my life and the upgrade.

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