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    Dec 16, 2008
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    i would like to ask a quesion about openning remote doors.
    i don't know ifd this is the place but i ask it here because the company is xorcom which works with elastix.
    xorcom's xr1000 has an i/o port which is able to connect to a door in order to open it using rj45 cable. i would like to ask if any 1 of you know if there is any possibility to open a remote door which will be on a diffrent geographic place? both places will have ip phones and softphone and will be connected using sboxes. i would like to ask if there is any option to open a remote door using the appliance? or any other applaince which is not xorcom's? maybe using a poe switch which will connect to the door using rj45 and when we will dial to the number of the door it will be opened?
    if you know any other option it could hele me alot

    thank u

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