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    Jun 9, 2010
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    I have one Elastix 1.6

    The systems installa good, and all works fine.

    But yesterday during one DEMO of the system, the we noted that ARE ONE ERROR in the VOICE Message SYSTEM (camedian mail)

    In the Option "0", not exist the "Voice Prompt" for Record your temporal message
    (I have use the SPANISH prompts)

    Normally the options are 5, with the option 5 for change the password. And the option 4 to record the temp message, But in this version only are 4 options and the option 4 its not for change password like the voice saids.

    In other words...
    The OPTIONS are there.
    But the voice prompts only mention 4 options.

    In the other hand, mi NOTIFY for the new messages has STOP to work...
    Im dont know...

    The Voice Messages are there and the users can hear there if use the *97 code.
    But in the phones not SEE the normal notify for the new message.
    Including the stuttered tone...
    Nothing advise to the user that have a new message in your box message.

    Have anyone had some kind of troubles?

    And more important...
    Anyone have a solution for this...

    yes I check the permisions in the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail
    And all appear be good.

    But the notifys dont appear.

    I have AASTRA telephones (6757i and 9143i) and the notifys dont appear in none of both models.

    Any Ideas?

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