No voice streaming pass ???

Discussion in 'General' started by tataghost, Sep 15, 2010.

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    Apr 1, 2010
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    Dear All
    I have strange problem hope you can help me .
    At one country that we have to made big voip project now this country make block for any voice streaming yahoo ,msn ,... no voice chat . my ATA box there was registered after making TLS working in my elastix server , but now when try to make a call i cannot hear any voice with the other side from this country , i made another test with opensips server as they are allowing srtp but also the same with opensips , now if any one has any idea how to make this voice data pass through this block the last situation
    ATA are registered with TLS (when try to make call i can hear the ring tone but when the other side pick up the phone set ,hear nothing ) that also happened when used opensips server that have TLS and SRTP enabled ???

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