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Discussion in 'IP Phones' started by asepulveda, Oct 9, 2009.

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    I? using 6731i, i install the script and play all around it, its works excellent!!, but i have tow questions , well one question, and onde problem. I? using extensions in freepbx.

    when i use 6731i with firmware 2.5.X it is necessary to specify the tftp server first? I read the hole document and i understand this is not necessary, that i just need to connect the phone and then i will be ask for ext and pass, but when i connect the phone it doesn't work at it should be until i specify the tftp server, once i config tftp server the phone gets the aastra.cfg file very well. is this the way it should be?

    The other thing is, once i have been asked for the user and pass , phone gets config and works very well until i restart my phone, in this moment the phone ask me again for user and pass, i enter the ext number corresponding to that phone, the voicemail password and i get an error something like this "error: this extension is already configure in this phone" i cannot make anything with the phone until i enter another user and pass, but not the corresponding to this phone. any ideas? i was clean enough?

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