new callerid patch for wctdm.c and opvxa1200.c

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  1. james.zhu

    Feb 13, 2008
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    hello, all of users:
    we have updated the callerid patch for wctdm.c and opvxa1200.c for both of zaptel and dahdi, I create a new thread to guild user how to use the patch. this new thread will let user know how to use the openvox new patched to detect callerid. please make sure few things to start the callerid patch:
    1) you MUST subscribe callerid from your provider.
    2) you MUST know the format of callerid(dtmf or fsk). you can ask your provider for that info, if you not know that.
    3) this patch ONLY supports callerid with DTMF format.
    4) you MUST know how the callerid is sent(before first ring, or after first ring). You can hear that.
    5) you SHOULD know how to compile zaptel with wctdm.c and opvxa1200.c and asterisk.
    here, we use opvxa1200, zaptel-1.4.10 with asterisk-1.4.21 to demo the example. please go to the few these steps:
    1) download the opvxa1200.c from that directory, if you use wctdm.c, you can downlaod wctdm.c
    2) copy the opvxa1200.c to asterisk-1.4.10/kernel compiling zaptel in this way for A1200P/A800P, if you use wctdm.c, jump to step C).
    A) add opvxa1200 in topmodule(TOPDIR_MODULES:=) in Makefile
    B) add opvxa1200.o: kernel/wctdm.h kernel/zaptel.h find the line as below:
    ztprovision.o: kernel/zaptel.h
    ztmonitor.o: kernel/zaptel.h
    opvxa1200.o: kernel/zaptel.h kernel/wctdm.h
    ztspeed: CFLAGS=
    C) If it is wctdm.c, you replace original wctdm.c(under zaptel-1.4.XX/kernel) with the newpatched wctdm.c.
    D) run command: make, make install. after rebooting it, you can edit the zapata.conf and load the module by:
    1) you MUST change the two parameters in zapata.conf to this:
    cidsignalling=dtmf // MUST BE dtmf
    cidstart=polarity // MUST BE polarity
    2) modprobe zaptel // load zaptel driver
    3) modprobe opvxa1200 cidbeforering=1 opermode=CHINA ; if loading a400p, please change to wctdm cidbeforering=1
    here, users must to know how the callerid has been sent:
  2. nima0102

    Jul 20, 2009
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    this manual is not complete and not useful!!

    Thanks for this instruction
    I have found source package of dahdi for elastix in page.
    I replaced wctdm.c with old one and then compiled without any issue with "make" command. after that I run "make install" and files was installed in "/usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/dahdi-linux-complete-" path.
    I do not know these new files where I should copy!!
    Unfortunately this manual is not complete and not useful!!
    If it is possible developer of elastix guide me for compiling new dahdi.

    Thanks in advance
  3. nima0102

    Jul 20, 2009
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    Re:this manual is not complete and not useful!!

    Is there nay suggestion about this problem??
    I think this problem maybe will occur for another user.

    Thanks in advance

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