needed: USB phones with registration built in.

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    Hi there,
    I'd like to know the truth about USB phones and whether they work with elastix 1.6.
    The reason I ask is because I work at a school where every teacher has just been given a small laptop. We have full wireless coverage in every room (320Mbps Aruba WAP points ) and I have recently installed an elastix1.6 server.
    If I can get a decent USB phone to work with elastix then the school would probably purchase about 50 of them. But the phone would have to work as follows:

    1. The users registration details are stored in the phone so that all the teacher has to do is plug the phone into their laptop and presto their phone is on the voip system.[Having headsets is a pain to get working when you have 30 students in front of you.]

    2. The phone works without the need of a softphone. Just real quick and simple. Plug the USB phone into the laptops USB port and 10 secs later its ready to send and receive calls.

    Any such USB phone would be extremely useful.
    Please note that an Ethernet phone is not sufficient in this scenario as the teachers only have their laptops and a wireless access point to work with (albeit a decent WAP - aruba points in every classroom!)

    thanks in advance

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