My availability and commitment to Elastix


Nov 4, 2007
Dear Elastix Forum Users,

My availability and commitment to Elastix

Just thought I would post this as I have had a few private messages asking similar questions and to be fair, I have not been able to get to reply to some of the questions in my private messages.

Many of you would know that I have been around a fair while now (almost 8 years using and working with the Elastix Distribution).

I have had a few questions asking if Elastix is still my product of choice and why I am not on the forums as much as I used to be. So to answer these questions.

Yes Elastix is still my product of choice. Occasionally I will implement something like a standalone FreePBX distro (which is a also a great product) where circumstances require it (e.g. needed a later kernel)m but 95% of the systems I implement are Elastix. Especially with Elastix 4.0 with the updated Centos 7 and other upgrades (e.g. PHP), it continues to moved forward. I will agree that sometimes it can become frustrating waiting for releases...but remember it is Opensource....and Edgar and the Palosanto have put a lot of work into the product over the years.

Secondly, don't take my absence (or intermittent absence) from the forums as a sign that my interest is waivering. I can confirm that I am workng with Elastix systems every day, in fact my job keeps me very busy, to the point I mentally drained at the end of the day, and generally the last thing I am doing is thinking about is the forums. Combine that with the current Australian summer making my home work area very warm (especially with servers and systems running all day), its not the most conducive area for answering posts after a full day at work.

Finally, I have been working in the background on several projects that have taken my time, including something I hope to release shortly which will answer many posts or at least steer you in the right direction with Elastix. I won't commit to date as it has taken some time already and my job is my first priority (along with Family).

Anyhow I hope this has answered some questions (which have all been polite and reasonable to ask). Just thought I would answer them in one post.

In the meantime, you can contribute to Elastix. If you can see a shortfall in an application (e.g. Elastix backup and restore), and you have the skills to look at the issue, then let it be known.


P.S. Shortly coming back to not as warm...more time on the forums

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