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    Background: I'm trying to rollout a fairly small network of Cisco SPA50xG phones that have multiple lines. I would like to give each user the ability to answer other user(s) extensions.

    For simplicity, let's say I have two SPA502G 2-line phones, with 2 users. I want to create both extension 100 and 101 on both phones.

    Option #1: Create Ring Groups 100 and 101, and have them ring four "virtual" extensions to simulate the effect of sharing an extension across devices.

    Option #2: Modify /etc/amportal.conf so that AMPEXTENSIONS=deviceanduser. Afterwards create two devices and two users.

    My questions:
    - is either option preferrable to the other? Stability/problems?
    - how do I execute option #2 so that the phones automatically login to the extensions? So far I've read that each user has to dial #11 to manually connect a user with a device... let alone a line on a device.


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