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    Im having trouble running multiple g729 channels on Elastix on a SIP trunk. Can anyone let us know how many simultaneous g729 channels can we run suing the open source codec?

    I have installed the opensource g729 codec for elastix on 2.26ghz p4 with 1gb ddr ram. I have created a SIP trunk, the provider supports g729 codec, and I have the g729 settings as follows in the trunk settings:


    When I make a single call the calls goes through fine on g729, but when there are 5 to 6 users making calls simultaneously or sometimes even less all calls wont go through and I get the "All circuits are busy" Msg. Sometimes all are able to call ok but most of the times someone will get "All circuits are busy", this is quite annoying to the callers and also when simultanous calls exceed 4 the failed calls are quite high. I change the codec to gsm and the problem was solved.

    The problem I have is bandwidth, where we have more than 16 users calling simultaneously and g729 is the codec we have to use to save and utilize the limited dedicated bandwidth of 512kbps, but failed calls are quite high!! And amojority of the users get the "All circuits are busy" msg and have to redial a couple of times for the call to get through. Pls help how to sort this out.

    One thing to note, when the calls are sent to the same provider via many IP phones on g729 directly without elastix in the middle on the same internet connection, calls are conenneted fine with no failed calls.

    Thanks in advance

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