Multiple Astribanks on XR3000 server

Discussion in 'General' started by okle100, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Jul 2, 2008
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    Hi All,

    I am testing a relatively big Phone Central installation, that is consisted of:

    1 x Astribank Server (1PRI line, and 16 FXS Ports)
    1 x Quad BRI Astribank
    7 x 32xFXS Astribank

    The problem I am facing right now, is that the ports get mixed.

    So my zaptel.conf has the forst 12 channels alocated on the BRI ports, then there are aroounf 140 FXS channels (fxo signaling), then the PRI line comes in, then there are the 16 FX channels from the server, and then there is one more 32 FXS channel astribank.

    Is there a way to make elastix confirm to a custom order of the channels?

    I managed to get this working once, by activating an astribank after astribank and regenerating the config, but after the first restart the channels got mixed up again.

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