Multi-tenant Directory & playing phonebook names

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    Hi all,

    So its my understanding that there's two different "Phone Books" in Elastix.

    There's the Asterisk Directory, which says the persons Name (Recording) when you punch in their details, and then theres the FreePBX Phone Book which spells out their name.

    We've been using the Asterisk Directory (Press # at an IVR menu) and its by far the most "attractive" option, nobody likes listening to their name being spelled out.

    Problem: We're multi-tenanting boxes in a Data Center for our customers. So far this is working brilliantly (Again many thanks to dicko and wiseoldowl for pointing me towards customcontexts), but we're wanting to restrict the Asterisk Directory like so:

    PBX has two businesses, Acme Consulting and Custom Development.

    Person calls in for Acme Consulting, looking to speak with John Smith from Acme Consulting, goes through to the Directory.
    Dials 564 (JOH) and hears the name "John".

    Turns out, he's got John Blackberry from Custom Development instead of the right John.

    Any ideas how we can limit or re-create individual Directories? Or get the FreePBX Phone Book to play each persons name rather than spell them out?

    Thanks in advance


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