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  1. zforum69

    Jun 26, 2007
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    I'm trying to do my first install of Elastix and am having a lot of trouble, more than I should be. I am installing 0.8.4 20June2007.

    I tried installing using the kickstart, but after I filled in the password and time zone, it freezes.

    Bypassing kickstart I decided to install interactively. I decided to let the install delete all existing partitions and install its standard layout.

    First thing I noticed was that I could not login into the web interface. I can SSH into the box with no issues. I noted that I had to reconfigure the firewall to allow http and https. Going through the forums it seems I had to also install the missing RPMs with:

    rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY*
    yum install distcache
    yum install mod_ssl
    service httpd restart
    yum install php-mysql

    I did all that and now I can get into the web interface. Still some issues.

    I go into Network and there are no Ethernet interfaces listed. I also went into network parameters and it thinks there is no default gateway, but the DNS definitions are there.

    I tried to connect to freePBX by the PBX configuration button but get the error:

    Warning: Cannot connect to Asterisk Manager with admin. Asterisk may not be running.

    That is where I stopped.

    Are there some installation instructions somewhere that I am missing? I am surprised it is this hard to install, and still I have not got even the basics working. I also notice there there is a beta2 out now (26June2007). Should I just reinstall with this version?

    I have trixbox system working with no problems, but I really want to try out Elastix, and am will to persevere.

  2. polepole

    Jul 3, 2007
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    Hello Z,

    I've made the same "journey" today. ... s/cool.png

    I've used IDE/PATA-Modus as "Legacy" in BIOS; recommended at the CD.

    My system "froze" at same point.
    Before keyboard choosing I got charming puzzled "Error" messages at the screen.
    (...Good old days...)

    $> ERROR: asr: reading /dev/hda[Input/Output Error]
    $> ... ddf1 ... jmicron ... lsi ... sil ... via
    CDROM stopped working.
    Thought about a Software HD-Controller Bug.

    But the system wasn't frozen, it simply made some statements and took a beep breath!
    So not me! (*)

    But, I've learned again that at my keyboards I could always hit
    Alt + Crtl + F2 to F6 to take a look what's really going on.

    That installation works like a charm!

    The rest was not necessary:
    If it's not helping, because of Trixbox has CentOS4 and the new Elastix has CentOS5 with some open tickets, then linux acpi=off noapic was recommended; perhaps with noprobe .

    (*) I had immediately shutted down the box - the right way using:
    Left Alt Key + SysRq (=PrintScreen Key) + R, S, E, I, U, B
    "Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring",
    burned a new CD, changed the CDROM, learned about concerning open RAID RH9 and CentOS5 bugs and was some hours later relaxed enough to give that Box it's time.

    I would recommend you a new installation and keeping Pole Pole.

    Yours Martin

    FSC-Scenic: P3,866 MHz,318 MB,10GB, TDM400
    My Elastix-0.8-4-29jun2007.iso MD5 is d28d2bf1a636b7eea4e701a6d02ea2b1

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