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    May 18, 2008
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    Hello Everyone,

    I want to set the system so that agents can start their shifts and login. Once done, they will logout. It will dynamic extensions/agent. So, if the agent is not working his extension will be disabled and any msgs will go to VoiceMail. However, the login procees would have to also put the person on a Queue. In addition to this, we want to track the number of hourse that employees work. Is there any way to harvest the information of the system and post it on to a nice page for HR people to do payroll? Here is what I have in mind;

    Creat a Queue in FreePBX. Queue number: 200
    Agent logs in by 200* (joins the queue)
    Once shift is over they will do 200**

    Should that work? If yes, how to harvest the time between 200* and 200** ?


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