Linsys SPA 400 connected to Cisco 2801

Discussion in 'General' started by juancarlosg6, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem, my enterprise have 13 remote office and my ISP insalled by site a Cisco 2801 with 4 E/M Cards (rj11 connectors), by office i have a Elastix 1.3 and the spa400 connected to de Cisco2801, the outgoing calls is ok throught the SPA400, but the incoming call is receive by my ivr, but the when a dialed a extension after de ivr responde dont generated tones and not work, i dont know what more to do, any ideas?

    I probe dialing from one trunk to another trunk in the same office, and work correctly, but my remote office dont'n, thanks.

    sorry for my english

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