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    Mar 23, 2011
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    Hi Guys,

    I'm having a very strange problem. Im using elastix and connect to the asterisk server using Java but not using asterisk-java API just yet but i will. my problem is that i have multi lines i receive calls on, the information i need to know is which line receives the call.
    I have the channel which would be DAHDI/1-1 or DAHDI/2-1 but i need to map those 2 to normal human readable phone numbers.

    is there a way i can get this from asterisk DB or using the API ?

    Also i have another question, I'm using normal analogue phone line so i get the DAHDI/1-1 , DAHDI/2-1 etc . but i will start using ISDN lines which will carry 2 lines on each cable so will the channel names change from DHADI/1-1 to some thing else? and if so what will it be ?

    Thanks for the help.

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