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    Oct 1, 2009
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    Dear Experts,
    I want to build and placed a Least Cost Router between existing PABX and ISDN E1 PRA PSTN, the LCR server will do a splitation between the long distance call and local calls where the long distance will go thru the IP (internet) and terminated by the VoIP gateway and the locall call will go to the PSTN. When possible the LCR server can do the dtmf dial to the voip gateway thru the pstn as well. All ANI/Caller ID from PABX should be able to be passed thru to the PSTN so that the mobile destination can read it and the all ANI/ Caller ID from PSTN can be passed thru to the PABX so that can be read at the PABX extensions.

    Can you help for the solutions?

    You can contact me directly to ismedst@gmail.com

    Awaiting for your respond soon and thank you.

    Best regards,

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