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    Hi :)..

    I've a little problem.
    Im using the vTiger-5.0.1 for the first time so i facing some problems.

    - In vTiger new leads are created by submitting the form.

    I have made some configuration in vTiger for scanning the mail to my personal Gmail-id.

    My job is to create a lead in other way.
    1. My task to create a New Lead automatically in vTiger without submitting the form.
    2. Who need to create a new lead has to send information(description) to the my personal email id.
    3. I need to grab that description(Using existing php script or custom script) from my personal email id and create a new lead in vtiger.
    4. Grab in the sense:
    ? The body of email will have the following information as follows :

    Salutation : Mr/Ms/Mrs..
    FirstName : John Doe
    LastName : Doe
    Company : XYZ
    Assigned To : Admin/Standard User
    Project : PQR Implementation
    Phone : 9881115585(validation)
    Email : john.doe@example.com(validation)........

    5.Grab only the values(Mr, John Doe, Doe, XYZ ....) form the email body and have to create a new lead in the vTiger.
    Means storing the values in Data Base.

    One thing i have to share that if we use a custom script is used it must be inside the vTiger only.

    - I'm not getting how the flow for creating a new lead.
    - How to call the custom function in vTiger and where I have to add the custom function.

    - I have try to make some changes in the existing function only.
    - Whenever I made some changes in the existing code, a blank page is showing when I refresh the page.
    - If you have any solution for this, let me know.

    As i'm inexperienced to make it work.
    You can write - Any thoughts on this ?

    Thanks in advance...

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