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    Aug 4, 2009
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    What I would like to do is emulate a key system. I use all aastra phones (53i->57i) and elastix 1.5.

    Here is the idea.

    I would like to move the individual extentions line button up to a different button that is not labeled with line1,2,3 etc. Then i would like to set line 1 to be the actual line 1, line 2 to 2 etc. I can see the setting in the config for:

    sip line1 auth name: extention#
    etc etc

    Can I change this for line1 and how? I want to move it up to prgkey1 i think.

    how do I setup sip line1 to point to the actual line 1?

    The reasoning here is to simplify the phone use by emulating a key-system. Users can put calls on hold and pickup the same number on another phone without using a parking lot. each phone could see the status of that line. each phone would also be assigned an extention so transfers would work. This would also benefit a receptionist with a button module.

    I like the aastra-xml scripts but am not absolutely tied to them (nor necessarily to aastra phones but I like them). How can I edit the phone's config or the xml scripts to accomplish this?

    any help would be very very appreciated.


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