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    Elastix 1.3 stable iso, nothing added

    Have 1 zap pstn channel. When it rings it is pointed to the main IVR. If more than one call comes in on the ap pstn channel, then the call is pointed to the sip trunk.

    In the main IVR choice (1) points to the sales ring group Sales <600> with extensions ( in order , 790, 706, 702 )

    What I want to do is that if noone answers in the ring group 600 is to have the call forwarded to ext 790 cell phone via follow-me. If I call his extension directly I can get to the follow-me and my call goes to hs cell phone. I cannot do this via the IVR/Ring Group setup.

    General Settings: VoiceMail: Number of seconds to ring phones before sending to voicemail: 30

    IVR: Timeout : 40

    Ring Group: 600
    Ring Strategy; ringall
    extension list: 790 706 702
    Ring Time: 45

    Extension 790:
    Ring Time :40
    Extension 790 Follow-Me : settings
    Intial Ring Time: 40
    Ring Strategy: ringallv2
    Followme List: 9314401XXXX#
    Ring Time: 20

    Extension 706:
    Ring Time: 40
    Follow-Me is disable

    Extension 702:
    Ring Time: 40
    Follow-Me disable

    When I call the main number and press (1) after 40-45 seconds it goes to the default mail box.

    Any idea what I have to do so it will ring ext 790 follow-me cell number?



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