Is this setup good enough

Discussion in 'General' started by jordanlcn, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Mar 18, 2009
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    1. Elastix Server.
    2. PSTN IP Switch (used for long haul transimissions)
    3. 2 Computer Stations
    4. 10 VOIP Phones

    - My Current Router just died and I was looking for alternatives. Yeah best way to do it is to get a new router but unfortunately I dont know which router to by for my setup.

    - Can Elastix act as both the Router and DHCP server (much like a home network)

    The idea is to have 2 NIC. eth0 would act as the connection to the WAN Network (this is a protected network hosting the PSTN IP switch) and the other NIC eth1 will supply DHCP and Routing to the VOIP Phone and 2 PC Workstations.

    If the idea of having the Workstations getting internet access is an issue, Its okay to drop the idea for that. I just primariy need the phones to work in that setup.

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