Is there a way to group 2 DIDs to make 4 channels.

Discussion in 'General' started by souxinh, Mar 3, 2011.

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    I just wonder, Is there a way to group 2 DIDs to make 4 channels. I'm currently have 1 DID working with my small, small calling card business. Now I would like to expand to accept more clients.

    Here is my situation. I obtains 2 DID number from one provider ( and setup 1 DID as home phone and the other for calling card (elastix 1.6). Everything working fine but only have 2 channels available for my calling card. Now I sign up with to get 10 channels that when things start happening.

    1. When calling out to destination number (incoming number from most of the time only one way audio and have to hang up and dial the second or more time to get both side hear each other. (Remember, I don't have this problem when using the number from

    2. Even I call to my home number, that same thing (number 1) happen too.

    So i think i will number running but I need more channels. 2 options from
    1. to paid per minutes (1.5 cent)
    2. get more lines (currently I pay flat rate, no per minutes)

    So My question are
    1. Is it possible to have many DIDs incoming numbers but query/hunt/group it so elastix can see it as one number with many channels?

    2. If I want to set up call-back, do I have to set up DISA to make call-back work? The point is that is it possible to setup 1 call-back number for all of my clients?


    PS. Thank for trying to make sense of my English. I try my best to explain it in English.

  2. fmvillares

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    at first sight i thing you have internet or misconfig elastix issues....
    2nd of all the did thing is up to your provider wishes..they configure your line as you paid for it with 2 did 10 concurrent calls 1 concurrent call etc...
    Other issue could be that your voip provider simply prove this you need a softphone...if problems repeat configuring the trunk in a softphone its up to your provider or your network connection...

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