Introducing Asterisk's Files: #1: cdr.conf

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    From now, I will put some introducing posts about Asterisk's Configuration files, I hope it will useful for Elastix's community:

    The cdr.conf file is used to enable call detail record logging to a file or a database.
    Storing call records is useful for all sorts of reporting, billing, fraud prevention,
    QoS evaluations, and more.
    The cdr.conf file contains some general parameters that are not specific to any particular database, but rather indicate how Asterisk should handle the passing of information to the database.
    All options are under the [general] heading of the cdr.conf
    These are some important options:

    Accepts the arguments yes and no. Specifies whether or not to use CDR logging. If
    set to no, this will override any CDR module explicitly loaded. The default is yes.

    Accepts the arguments yes and no. Allows Asterisk to write data to a buffer instead
    of writing to the database at the end of every call, to reduce load on the system.

    Note that if the system dies unexpectedly when this option is set
    to yes, data loss may occur.

    Sets the maximum number of CDRs to accumulate in the buffer before posting to
    the backend CDR storage systems. This setting only takes effect if the batch setting
    is set to yes. This setting defaults to 100 records.

    Accepts an integer (in seconds) as its argument. Sets the number of seconds before
    Asterisk flushes the buffer and writes the CDRs to the database, regardless of the
    number of records in the buffer (as defined by size). The default is 300 seconds (5

    Some another files that are useful to know:

    The cdr_manager.conf file simply contains a [general] heading and a single option,
    enabled, which you can use to specify whether or not the Asterisk Manager API generates
    CDR events.

    Asterisk can store CDR data in a local or remote database via the ODBC interface. The
    cdr_odbc.conf file contains the information Asterisk needs to connect to the database.
    The module will attempt to load the cdr_odbc.conf file, and if information
    is found for connecting to a database, the CDR data will be recorded there.

    Asterisk:The Future of Telephony by Oreilly

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