installing Elastix on Virtuozzo

Discussion in 'General' started by jervin19801, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. jervin19801

    Feb 9, 2010
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    I'm stock, Can anybody help me?
    I don't know how to get Elastix on Virtuozzo x86_64, the Kernel cant be modified.
    The server is rented so I cant put iso in cdrom.
    What is the possibilities how to yum a repo file on this rented virtual server?
    Now I installed asterisk and a2billing one by one but I dont like it.
    I want Elastix back. :p

  2. racerscl2000

    Oct 31, 2010
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    Hi Ervin,
    Check this site out: ... -Server-v1

    I am also "renting" a VPS through a hosting company. I was able to follow the first parts of the instructions from the above link to get the server ready for Asterisk and it seemed to work. I then followed the instructions from this page: ... om_centos5
    and I used the latest distro. You have to get the ISO image and mount it in order to access the files.

    I just copied everything from the ISO image and zipped it up and placed it on the server. I then unzipped the file in a specific directory, set up the base url parameter in the elastix-cd.repo file to point to the directory where all of the files from the ISO image were placed, and ran yum install elastix.

    It should be pretty straight forward but if you don't really know how the packages work then it might take a bit of figuring out. I spent the better half of 2 days figuring out how to get everything installed. I know I am missing something still because I can run everything, but I can not access the web interface which when I attempt to, I am getting the splash page for Virtuozzo from the web server that runs on the VPS. I will be contacting the hosting company for support to find out why I can not get to the web interface even though everything is installed where it should be and running.


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