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    hi All,

    I hav a scenario, which I am sure is simple enough to fix, that I am unable to figure out and need some pointers.

    If we have a customer running Elastix 1.6 with the following telephony interfaces:

    FXO interface dedicated for the support engineer only (incoming number is 09-555-1234)
    BRI interface dedicated to the rest of the office (10 DIDs)

    My question is how can we forward the inbound calls received over that FXO interface to the engineer's SIP extension knowing that the FXO interface does not show the "Called Number ID 09-555-1234", which means that we can't really configure an inbound route using the DID number seting the destination to a given SIP extension as we normally do with Digital interfaces like BRIs.

    Is there a way to configure an inbound route in the following manner:

    All inbound calls received on this FXO interface send to this SIP extension.

    This scenario would also be very similar to setting up a dedicated FXO interface for receiving faxes.

    I remember in the old days when we were still using Trix, there was a menue under Freepbx that sets an interface identifier to telephony interfaces. Is that something we could use/configure under Elastix? or there is another way of achieving the same result?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Zap Channel---->Zap Channel DID--->Add Incoming Route --->Set Destination.

    The Assign DID number can be anything you want within reason, its just a way to give the Zap channel a tag that freepbx can use.

    Make an Inbound Route using the DID number you assigned, then select your destination.

    I use this with a dedicated pstn line to go to a fax machine extension.

    Context = from-zaptel otherwise it won't work.

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