Inbound route & other info for ekiga???

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    Hello guys,

    Am in need of information from anyone that has successfully setup a inbound route from I have looked on site and found info for setting trunk info in an earlier version of asterisk by writing the config files but not anything for Elastix, that why I hoping someone here has done this.

    I need to know the trunk details info to enter from Elastix Gui, or is it required to setup this inbound in a config file some where?

    I have setup an account on, when I dial out thru to a extension number on my Elastix machine it shows being connected, but I hear a message that the number I dialed is not in service from my Elastix machine. I have setup a inbound route from the GUI, when I run sip set debug, I see that it creates an new subscription, sends it to the softphone machine that that extension is on, shows found peer 5000 (the actual extension) then goes into destroying sip dialog. Extension never shows the incoming call. Extension does work fine calling out and receiving calls from other trunks.

    I'm sure that some where I don't have either the trunks setup right or the inbound route and/or maybe a codec problem.

    Hoping that someone on here may have this currently working or had it working in the past that could share some knowledge on this. I have need for inbound routes from

    Thanks guys


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