in zap trunks works, in sip trunks it does not

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    Hi there

    I have an elastix server with sip trunks, actually it has the call center module working for incoming calls, and the sip extensions can make outbound calls with no problem.
    But, when I create an outbound campaign, using the csv text file with the numbers, the server does not take the appropiate channel to generate a call.

    To verify this, I have another elastix server that has a call center module but with zap trunks.
    When I create the outbound campaign using the same csv text file as mentioned earlier, everything works perfect.

    Based on these tests, I determine that the csv file does not have a problem, as I see it, the problem is in the first elastix server with sip trunks. It seems that when it is in the outbound campaign, it is trying to get some channels not available or it is doing an incorrect function. Remember that this ONLY happens in the outbound campaign, the normal outbound dialing through the different sip extensions works fine.

    I would appreciate some help and comments

    David Medina

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